Isha Price Net Worth, Bio, Age, Career, Sisters,  Husband, Boyfriend, Venus and Serena Williams

July 25, 2023

Isha Price Net Worth, Bio, Age, Career, Sisters,  Husband, Boyfriend, Venus and Serena Williams

Isha Price works as a producer and an attorney. In addition, Price is Wishbone Consulting Group’s co-founder and senior strategic advisor.

Isha is the half-sister of Venus Williams and Serena Williams, two well-known American tennis stars, in addition to her professional activities.

After the release of the film King Richard, which was based on how Richard created his daughter into one of the greatest tennis players of all time, the Price-Williams family gained notoriety.

Did you also know that Yetunde Price, one of her sisters, was murdered?

Let’s learn more about Isha now, such as what she studied in law school, who she dated, and other things!

Early Childhood and  Education

Isha Price is a registered attorney and a graduate of law school. On February 18, 1975, Isha Price was born to her father, Yusef Rasheed. Beverly Hills, California, is where she was born.

She is an African American who is a citizen of the United States. Aquarius is her horoscope sign.

Isha completed her education at a local California school, to talk about. She subsequently enrolled at Georgetown University Law Center and earned a Juris Doctor degree.

The famous sibling also graduated with a Master of Business Administration from Howard University.

Isha began practicing law soon after graduating. In addition, she works as a producer and proprietor of a consulting firm.

According to her LinkedIn Isha Price is the owner of  the Price Consulting Group in Clinton, Maryland.

 In addition, Wishbone Consulting Group was co-founded by Price. For the office, she works as a Senior Strategic Advisor.

Isha at Wishbone collaborates with Jenny Goldstock, the company’s co-founder, to create the company’s client strategy.

According to the website, Isha “brings an unusual combination of inside knowledge and strong skills in branding and business to Wishbone’s unique clientele base.” You May Also Like Doris Burke’s Net Worth, Salary, Height, Bio, Real Age, Family, Husband

Who Raised Isha Price?

Grew up in a strict household with her stepfather

Isha was conceived by Yusuf Rasheed, the mother’s first spouse. At the age of four, in 1979, she lost her mother. Her late father had a heart attack and died.

After his death, Oracene Price, her mother, was married to tennis instructor Richard Williams in 1980. Isha was therefore forced to spend the remainder of her formative years with her stepfather and half-siblings.

Richard, her stepfather, was actually a very strict parent who kept his kids on a rigorous schedule. Prior to turning 18, Price had a rigid 10 p.m. bedtime.

The New York Times was informed by her further that

“I didn’t realize that our lives weren’t what other people thought were normal until I went to college.”

Isha has how many brothers and sisters?

Isha and her five siblings were raised by an unmarried mother.

Her mother’s first marriage produced two biological siblings for her.

Yetunde Price, her older sister, was born on August 9th, 1972. She worked as a registered nurse and owned a salon. You May Also Like Bam Margera, Net Worth, Cars, House, Wiki Bio, Real Age, Family, Spouse, Girlfriend, Wife,

On September 14, 2003, sadly, her older sister was killed.

Lyndrea Price, her younger sister, was also born in 1978. Her current jobs include web developer and fashion merchandiser.

From her mother’s second marriage, Isha also has two half-siblings. On June 17, 1980, she gave birth to Halhalf-Sisterenus Williams, her first child.

On September 26, 1981, Serena Williams was born. Her two half-sisters both play tennis professionally.

Venus and Serena, Isha’s half-sisters, are two of tennis’ greatest players ever.

As was just stated, both of her half-sisters, Venus and Serena, are quite successful on the tennis circuit.

Both of her sisters are regarded as some of the best female tennis players of all time and are among the top ten best ever.

 In addition to that, both of them have won gold medals at the Olympics. On February 25, 2002, Venus became the first African American woman to ever achieve the title of world No. 1 in the Open Era. Her victory also marked the beginning of the Open Era.

Both of the sisters have been honored with a variety of distinctions and accolades during the course of their lives.

It is a commonly held belief that behind every successful person is someone who helped them get where they are today.

When it came to Venus and Serena, they had their father and mother to thank for the rigorous training they received growing up. You May Also Like Is Rhea Repley Married? And Who Is Her  Husband? Net Worth, Bio, Age, Siblings, Family, 

Her Older Sister Was Murdered By Robert.

As was stated earlier, on September 14, 2003, Robert Edward Maxfield was responsible for the death of Yetunde Price, who was Isha’s older sister.

Robert was a member of the criminal organization known as the Southside Crips. Yetunde was there at the time of the event, which took place when she and her boyfriend were riding in Yetunde’s SUV.

When Robert discovered that they were members of an opposing criminal organization, everything came to a head.

After that, Maxfield began firing his firearms at them without first determining whether or not they were members of a criminal organization.

After the release of the film King Richard, their family was thrust into the public eye.

The Price-Williams family became the topic of conversation with their appearance in the film King Richard, which was released on September 2, 2021.

It is an autobiographical sports drama film that was produced in the United States and depicts the successful journey of Venus Williams and Serena Williams.

It highlighted the ways in which their parents, Richard and Oracene, brought up their girls and made them become the people they are now.

Will Smith, one of the most notable actors in the ensemble, took on the part of Richard William in the film.

Smith was awarded numerous major prizes, including Academy Awards, BAFTA Awards, and Critics’ Choice Awards, in recognition of the amazing part he played in the production. You May Also Like Beth Mowins Net Worth, Salary, Height, Bio, Real Age, Parents, Siblings, and Husband

Quick Check On Isha Price

Full Name:

Isha Price

Birth Date

18th February 1975

Birth Place

Beverly Hills, California

Real Age

48 Years

Zodiac Sign





Felix Fayron

Net Worth

$2 Million

Who exactly is Isha Price married to?  And Everything You Need to Know About Her Private Love Life

It has been stated that Isha Price has been in a committed relationship with her spouse for a very long time, Felix Fayron.

Isha and her husband Felix, on the other hand, have not disclosed any information regarding the specifics of their wedding.

However, some accounts claim that the two were romantically involved for a period of time before their wedding.

Reportedly, in addition to discussing his wife’s line of work, Felix has also discussed his own line of work, which is the same as his wife’s. You May

He practices law as his primary occupation.

Aside from that, very little is known about the other aspects of their romantic relationships at this point.

They have not yet brought up their children in their conversations.

Isha Price on Various Platforms of Social Media

Isha maintains a high level of activity across all of her social media sites. She does a good job of keeping her Instagram handle active and engaging.

On her Instagram account, which is managed under the name @ladyisha01, the famous person’s sister has approximately 9 thousand followers.

On the other hand, both of her sisters’ Instagram identities together have millions of followers between them.

As of the year 2023, her sister Serena has over 16.3 million followers, but Venus has more than 1.9 million followers.

How Much Is Isha Price Net Worth?

Isha Price is estimated to be $2 million dollar

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