Who Is Sam Kinson’s Wife? Meet Malika Kinson, Net Worth, Height, Bio, Real. Age, Marriage,  Other Updates

July 26, 2023

Who Is Sam Kinson’s Wife? Meet Malika Kinson, Net Worth, Height, Bio, Real. Age, Marriage,  Other Updates


About Malika Kinison

Malika Kinison, born Malika Souiri, is an actress and makeup artist best known as the ex-wife of American stand-up comedian Sam Kinison. She is also well-known for her roles in Searching for Bobby D., The Arrogant, The Dangerous, and other films.

She married for the second time after her first spouse died. So, how is her life right now? Is she the mother of any children from her previous marriage? We will discuss her career, financial worth, and other topics in this section. You May Also Like Amarachi Igidimbah’s Net Worth, House, Cars, State of origin, Bio, Age, Husband, Boyfriend, Fiance, Wedding,

Malika Kinison is a Moroccan Native.

 Malika Kinison, alias Malika Souiri, was born in Rabat, Morocco on September 1, 1959. Despite the fact that she was born in Morocco to Moroccan parents, she is an American citizen.

Kinison, on the other hand, hasn’t shared anything about her parents. Despite this, she was claimed to have a close bond with both her father and mother.

When it comes to her childhood, she apparently had a good upbringing and spent most of her time with her father and mother. After she relocated to the United States, things began to change for her. You May Also Like Bam Margera, Net Worth, Cars, House, Wiki Bio, Real Age, Family, Spouse, Girlfriend, Wife,

Quick Check On Malika Kinison

Full Name;

Malika Kinison

Date of Birth;

September 1, 1959

Birth Place;

Rabat, Morocco

Real Age

64 Years



First Husband

Sam Kinison (m. 1992–1992)

Second Husband

Paul Borghese (m. 1995)

Net Worth

$2 million

Malika Height and Age

Malika is currently 64 years old. Similarly, she stands 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighs roughly 76 kg (121 pounds). Malika Kinison rose to prominence as Sam Kinison’s ex-wife.

Malika was formerly married to the late comedian and actor Sam Kinison. They married just six days before Sam was killed in a vehicle accident.

Malika and her late husband Sam married on April 4, 1992, in a magnificent wedding ceremony at Las Vegas’ Candlelight Chapel.

They even went on a five-day honeymoon trip to Hawaii after their marriage. Unfortunately, they only had six days of marriage. But when and how did the ex-couple start dating?

According to accounts, Malika began seeing Sam when he was still married to his second wife, Terry Marze. You May Also Like Who Is Andrew Wiggins Best Friend? Net Worth, Real Age, Bio, Family, Siblings, Girlfriend, Brother, Wife 

How Did Sam Kinison Pass Away

Sam was due to perform on April 10, 1992, at the Riverside Resort Hotel and Casino in Laughlin, Nevada, following a five-day honeymoon trip. His Pontiac Trans Am was hit by a pickup truck while he was en route to the concert, which happened around 15 miles (24 km) northwest of Needles, California.

The pickup truck driven by 17-year-old Troy Pierson allegedly crossed the center line and into Kinison’s lane. Sam struck the windshield with his head and was pronounced dead on the spot because he wasn’t buckled up.

A cervical spine dislocation, a damaged aorta, and ruptured blood vessels in Sam’s abdominal cavity were all listed as injuries in the postmortem report. Malika Kinison, another passenger in the vehicle, suffered injuries in the collision as well, but she finally made a full recovery.

Malika Kinison wed Paul Borghese, her second spouse.

She remarried, this time to Paul Borghese, after a brief union with Sam. On September 10, 1995, they were married in a lovely ceremony that saw them walk down the aisle. The couple has been together for more than 28 years as of the year 2023.

Furthermore, their bond is as solid as ever. Paul, by the way, is a producer, director, and actor. He has been in several films and television shows. The Uncle Gerry Show, Gravesend, The Irishman, and Proximity to Power are a few of his well-known works.  You May Also Like Ama K. Abebrese, Net Worth, House, Movies, Bio, Real Age, Parents, Siblings, Husband, Child, Boyfriend,

Malika Kinison is an Actress and Makeup Artist. 

Malika, Sam Kinison’s ex-wife, is a well-known actress and makeup artist. Over the years, the famous spouse has been in a number of films and TV shows. She made her acting debut in 1988’s The Arrogant, in which she portrayed Maria.

Berserker After this, she performed in The Dangerous and Perfect Lies, portraying Garland and Cindy, respectively. Her most recent acting role was in The Bog Creatures in 2003, where she played a role called Berserker Priestess.

Four Deadly Reasons, Searching for Bobby D, and a few other films feature her in different acting roles. She has additionally appeared in a number of documentaries, including U.S. Open Sores, The Tragic Side of Comedy, and The Great Canadian Centerfold Search. You May Also Like Who Is Lorne Stormont-Darling? Net Worth, Bio, Age, Family, Wife, Children, Other Facts

Malika Souiri was Sexually Assaulted By The  Late Husband Body Guard.

Malika, a stunning actress, previously dealt with a horrible event in the past in addition to having to deal with her husband’s passing. She accused Unway Carter, her late husband’s bodyguard, of raping her.

Sam was allegedly inebriated and dozing off the night of the incident when the 22-year-old approached her. She claimed that the bodyguard repeatedly sexually assaulted her before she was able to flee.

As she discussed the experience,

Back in my room, I sobbed while sitting on the bed. This large man entered the room abruptly.

 I thought to myself as I observed him,

“Who’s this? He placed his hand on my back while I was turning away from him as if to reassure me.

After that, he pushed me up against him. Still sobbing, I said. He seemed like he was attempting to reassure me.

But then he began squeezing me against him and fondling me. He became more enthusiastic as I struggled.

Later, she even brought a lawsuit against him, but she later dropped all of the claims.

The alleged rapist, Carter, however, refuted the claim, asserting that their sexual relationship was consensual and that he never raped the woman. You May Also Like Isabel Gravitt, Net Worth, Salary, height, Bio, Real Age, Family, Parents, Sister, Husband, Contact, Instagram

Prior to 2023, Malika Kinison

Malika has kept her life private ever since the passing of her first husband, Sam.

She got remarried a few years after he passed away and has since been leading a lovely life.

She, however, tries to stay as far away from the media as she can and hardly ever appears in public.

How Much Money Is Malika Kinison Worth?

Malika was a former makeup artist and actress who earned a lot of money in her career. By 2023, her net worth is anticipated to be $2 million.

Paul Borghese, her now-husband, has an estimated net worth of $9 million, on the other hand.

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