Sheebah Karungi Net Worth, Cars, Albums, Songs, Wiki Bio, Real Age, Parents, Family, Husband, Boyfriend, 

July 28, 2023

Sheebah Karungi Net Worth, Cars, Albums, Songs, Wiki Bio, Real Age, Parents, Family, Husband, Boyfriend, 

About Sheebah Karungi

Sheebah Karungi, popularly known as Queen Karma, is a Ugandan singer, dancer, actor, and feminist activist.

She was born on November 11, 1989, and is also known by her stage name.

She demonstrated her acting prowess by playing the role of Shakira in the film Queen of Katwe. Her performance was well received.

Sheebah Karungi embarked on a career as a music producer following her departure from the dance group Obsessions, which she had joined in 2006.

She achieved great success with the publication of her catchy track titled “Ice Cream,” which garnered her significant attention. You May Also Like Meet Kaja Conrad; Net Worth, Bio, Real Age, Family, Siblings, Parents, Career, Married Life, Movies

Quick Check On Queen Karma

Full Name:
Sheebah Karungi

Stage Name:
Queen Karma

11 November 1989 (age 33 years old)

Place of Birth:
Kawempe, Kampala, Uganda

Midland High School


1.59 m

Ahamada Kimali Musoke, Edith Kabazungu

Mariam Jumba

Not Married

Husband/ Partner/ Boyfriend • :
Recho Ray (rum.), Jeff Kiwa (rum. ),



Net Worth:
$1.5 million

How Much Is Karungi Net Worth?

The talented Ugandan singer and songwriter Sheebah Karungi has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million.
She has significantly impacted the music industry with a career that began in 2005.
She has released five studio albums throughout her successful career, showcasing her immense talent and dedication to her craft. You May Also Like What  Is Marjorie Elaine Harvey’s Net Worth?  And What’s The  Untold Story of  Steve Harvey’s Wife?

Early Childhood and Education

Sheebah Karungi, a well-known artist from Uganda, was born on November 11th, 1989 in the neighborhood of Kawempe in the capital city of Kampala.

Her parents were Ahamada Kimali Musoke and Edith Kabazungu, and they were the ones who brought her up.

Her cherished older sister, Mariam Jumba, was always there to keep her company when she was a little girl.

Sheebah Karungi’s education, on the other hand, took a different turn when, during her senior two years at Midland High School in Kawempe, she chose to withdraw from the school.
Prior to then, she had accomplished all of her primary schooling at the Kawempe Muslim Primary School. You May Also Like Michelle Alozie, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Contact, Bio, Real Age, Family, Parents, Siblings, State Of Origin,

Professional Career

Sheebah Karungi, a radiant and spirited soul, found her footing in the world of dance at a tender age, joining the vibrant troupe of the Stingers.
As time flowed like a river, her passion for music surged, leading her to the embrace of Obsessions Music Group in 2006.
There, amid the pulsating rhythms, her journey took an unexpected turn, discovering her hidden treasure—an entrancing voice that danced harmoniously with her graceful moves.
With her heart ablaze with dreams, Sheebah Karungi embarked on a solo odyssey, bidding farewell to the ensemble and embracing her destiny in music.
The dawn of 2010 witnessed the birth of her solo venture, and her debut single painted the skies with a promising glow, heralding the rise of a luminous star.
Collaborative creations with KS Alpha and Prince Fahim unveiled the depth of her artistry, while her soulful duet with Coco Finger on Baliwa enchanted audiences.

Yet, the enchanting spell of Automatic, a musical masterpiece penned by the talented Sizza Man, truly ignited Sheebah Karungi‘s musical brilliance and catapulted her to greater heights.
A mellifluous duet with Sizza Man on the melodic symphony Ice Cream only added to her allure, captivating hearts near and far. A chorus of accomplishments followed, with Twesana is becoming an anthem in the hearts of her devoted admirers.

Beyond the harmonious notes of her melodic journey, Sheebah Karungi‘s indomitable spirit ventured into entrepreneurship, crafting a symphony of success.
The vivacity of Sheebah Investments echoed through the vibrant streets of Kampala, giving birth to The Red Bar—a vivacious sanctuary of camaraderie and jubilation.
The art of collaboration further flourished in Red Events, a masterpiece co-created alongside the illustrious dancer Cathy Patra.
She engaged in a variety of entrepreneurial endeavors under Natna’s leadership, demonstrating that her creative genius knew no bounds.
As her symphony of achievements reached a crescendo, Sheebah Karungi embraced the fruits of her labor, adorning her life with splendor.
A regal abode stood as a testament to her triumphs, while a boat symbolized the freedom of her journey. You May Also Like Mufti Menk’s, Net Worth, Bio, Real Age, Wife, Lectures, Speech, Children, Family, Ethnicity,


Follow me ft. Harmonize (musician)
Silwana ft. Carol Nantongo
Kyoyina Omanya
Sweet Sensation ft. Orezi
Tevunya ft. Fik Fameica
Weekend ft. Runtown
John Rambo
Osobola ft. Leila Kayondo
Nkulowozaako ft. Alvin Kizz
Mummy yo
mukama yamba
Leeta ft. Ruth Ngendo

Studio Albums

2021: Samali
Ice Cream 
2016: Nkwatako
2017: Karma

Awards and Nominations

Best Female Artist at the HiPipo Music Awards (2014, 2015, 2017, 2018, 2019)
Best Female Artist at the Pearl of Africa Music Awards (2020)

Fashionable Music Video of the Year at the Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards (2017)

Most Stylish Female Artist at the Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards (2016)

Best African Female Artist at the Nigeria Entertainment Awards (2016)

Video of the Year nomination at the MTV Africa Music Awards (2016)

Best African Act nomination at the MTV Europe Music Awards (2020)

Social Media

Instagram handle: (@sheebahricherthisyear)
Twitter handle: Sheebah (@Ksheebah1)
Facebook: Sheebah
YouTube channel: Sheebah Karungi

Personal and Dating Life

Sheebah Karungi is a star that shines brightly in music and fame, and recently she has become the focus of speculation over intimate relationships.

She has been connected to people such as Recho Ray and Jeff Kiwa, who is her manager, according to rumors that have circulated.

However, the reality behind these rumors is still a mystery, as Sheebah Karungi chooses to keep her private life private and does not discuss it with the public.

Sheebah Karungi’s life is filled with rumors and speculation, yet in the midst of it all, an anonymous figure appears from the shadows.

This person is a mysterious presence. However, the specifics of this purported relationship are shrouded in mystery, leaving the inquisitive public with an insatiable desire for answers. You May Also Like Doris Burke’s Net Worth, Salary, Height, Bio, Real Age, Family, Husband

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