Doris Ifeka Net Worth, Cars, House, Height, Bio, Real Age, State Origin, Films, Movies

July 30, 2023

Doris Ifeka Net Worth, Cars, House, Height, Bio, Real Age, State Origin, Films, Movies

About Doris Ifeka

Born on September 9, 1996, Doris Ifeoma Ifeka is a gifted Nigerian actress and TV personality.

Her natural beauty and artistic talent captivate listeners.
She makes an enduring impression on her fans as a trailblazer and committed performer as one of the emerging stars in the Nigerian film industry.

As she brings her characters to life on film, Doris Ifeka creates a symphony of emotions that reverberates with viewers.

Fans love her for her dedication to her parts and genuine genuineness in her approach to her craft.

Beyond her acting prowess, Doris Ifeka is a trendsetter who inspires others with her unwavering quest for perfection and sets new benchmarks with her stylish choices.

Aspiring artists who follow her journey with wonder and adoration can draw inspiration from her dedication and endurance.

She has become a well-known face in the entertainment industry thanks to her roles in films including The Silent Baron, When Love Sticks, and Guiding Light.

She weaves a captivating tale with each character that stays in the minds of her viewers. You May Also Like Uchenna Kanu Net Worth, Salary, Cars, House, Bio, Real Age, Parents, Family, Siblings, State Of Origin, Boyfriend, Husband, contract, Height

Quick Check On Doris Ifeka

Full Name:
Doris Ifeoma Ifeka

Stage Name:
Doris Ifeka

Date Of Birth:
9 September 1996

Real Age;
26 years old

Place of Birth:
Lagos, Nigeria

State Of Origin:
Enugu State

University of Lagos


1.56 m



Not Married

Boyfriend • Partner:


Actress • TV Personality

Net Worth:

How Much Is Ifeka’s Net Worth?

The estimated net worth of Doris Ifeka is $100,000. She is now financially comfortable, but it was sometimes different.
Doris Ifeka struggled to increase her wealth and encountered many obstacles.

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Early Childhood and Education

Doris Ifeka, a native of Enugu, was born in Lagos, Nigeria, on September 9, 1996.
Born under Scorpio’s beguiling sign, she exudes a celestial charm that captivates hearts far and wide.
From a tender age, Doris Ifeka kindled her passion for acting, adorning school plays and local theater productions with her natural talent and effervescent flair.
While her parents initially envisioned a different path, destiny guided them to embrace her boundless potential and dreams.

Determined to pursue her artistic calling, Doris Ifeka studied English at the University of Lagos, where she discovered her true love: theater arts.
Embracing her passion wholeheartedly, she adorned the stage with mesmerizing performances, earning the acclaim of peers and professors. You May Also Like Brain Chira Net Worth, Cars, House, Bio, Parents Real Age, TikTok, Contact, Girlfriend,

Professional  Acting Career

Doris Ifeka, a Nigerian actress born on September 9th, 1996, in Lagos, stands as a true star in entertainment.
Her journey to fame began with a fiery passion for the stage, ignited during her school days when she graced school plays and local theater productions with her innate talent.

Despite her parents’ initial reservations, Doris Ifeka pursued her dreams undeterred, choosing to study theater arts at the University of Lagos.
Her commitment to her craft bore fruit, as she swiftly made her mark in Nollywood, starring in acclaimed. You May Also Like Michelle Alozie, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Contact, Bio, Real Age, Family, Parents, Siblings, State Of Origin,


My Ex-wife
Love and War
Motherly Instinct
A Ring for Rosie
Dead Man’s Tale
Secondary Tussle
Slightly Married
Clinic Matters
Critical Condition
Daddy’s Girl
Thanks for Coming in 2015.
Family Ties
When Love Sticks
The Local Teacher
Guiding Light
Meet my Father
Shades of Love
Twisted Truth

Is Doris On Social Media?

Instagram handle: Doris Ifeoma Ifeka (@ifeka_doris)
Tiktok handle: Doris Ifeka. You May Also Like Sheebah Karungi Net Worth, Cars, Albums, Songs, Wiki Bio, Real Age, Parents, Family, Husband, Boyfriend, 

Doris Ifeka Dating Right Now?

It is not clear if Doris Ifeka has found a partner. Because she has avoided the attention of the media on that aspect of her life, it is unknown whether or not she is now dating someone.

Is Doris Ifeka is single and does not have any children, a husband, or a lover? Drop you thought You May Also Like Caramel Plugg’s Real Name, Net Worth, House, Cars, Bio: Age, Height, Husband, Boyfriend, and Instagram,

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