Who Is Hinata Miyazawa?  How  Rich Is She? Net Worth, Salary, Height, Bio, Real Age, Husband, Boyfriend, Contact, Games

August 1, 2023

Who Is Hinata Miyazawa?  How  Rich Is She? Net Worth, Salary, Height, Bio, Real Age, Husband, Boyfriend, Contact, Games

About Hinata Miyazawa

Hinata Miyazawa, who was born on November 28, 1999, is a game-changing football player for the Japanese professional league.

Her talent is a welcome addition to the performance. Hinata Miyazawa radiates like a brilliant star in both her roles as a midfielder for the illustrious WE League side Mynavi Sendai and as a treasured representative of Japan’s women’s national team.

Her on-court creativity is limitless; her outstanding passing, seductive dribbling, and precision shooting abilities leave onlookers in a state of hypnotic awe.

However, Hinata Miyazawa’s prowess is not limited to the offensive because she possesses noteworthy defensive talents that add depth to her well-rounded presence on the team. Her prowess extends beyond the attack. You May Also Like Kristen Ledlow’s Net Worth, Cars, House,  Bio, Real Age, Parents,  Height, Boyfriend, Husband,

How Much Is Hinata Miyazawa’s Net Worth?

The total net worth of Hinata Miyazawa is thought to be $5 million. She is a well-known professional footballer from Japan who plays forward for both the Japan national team and the Japanese club NTV Tokyo Verdy Women.

Her great financial condition has obviously benefited from her exceptional sporting skills and qualities. The $1 million annual salary of Hinata Miyazawa. You May Also Like Jackie MacMullan Net Worth, Height, Bio, Real Age, Parents, Husband, Children, Husband, Boyfriend


Full Name: 
Hinata Miyazawa

28 November 1999 (age 23 years old)

Place of Birth:
Minamiashigara, Kanagawa, Japan






Not Married

Boyfriend • Partner:


Football Player

Net Worth:
$5 million

Early Childhood And Education

The bright star Hinata Miyazawa was born on November 28th, 1999 in the charming city of Minamiashigara, which is located in Kanagawa prefecture.

She was brought up with love and care by her parents, whose identities remain unknown, and she found peace and company in the bond that she shared with her siblings.

Their identities remained a mystery to the media and were covered in a cloak of privacy so that they could maintain their anonymity.

Hinata Miyazawa’s football career began to flourish at Seisa Kokusai High School, where her exceptional play on the field helped to shed light on the next steps of her journey.

Her graduation was not the end but the beginning of a new journey as she entered the world of Nippon TV Beleza in 2018.

This marked the beginning of a new experience.
The brilliance of Hinata Miyazawa painted the field with elegance and delicacy, much like an artist would do with a paintbrush.

The spectators were left in awe of her prowess on the field as a result of her undying devotion and passion for the sport, which shone like a guiding beacon. You May Also Like Onome Ebi’s Net Worth, House, Cars,   Bio, Real Age,   Parents, Brothers, Sisters,   Husband,   Boyfriend,  and Children

Professional Football Career 

Hinata Miyazawa’s debut as a professional football player came at the age of 17 when she was selected to play for Japan’s under-17 national team in the prestigious 2016 Under-17 World Cup.

She displayed her skill throughout all six matches, leading Japan to the championship match, but she was ultimately defeated by Spain, leaving her with a sour taste in her mouth.

Hinata Miyazawa was not deterred by the difficulties she faced and continued on her path to compete for Japan’s under-20 national team in the 2018 Under-20 World Cup.

The moment she scored a dazzling goal in Japan’s triumph over Spain was one that resonated with fans all across the world.

Her magic unfolded as she scored the goal, and it was an unforgettable one.

It was on November 11, 2018, that she made her senior debut for Japan, which marked the beginning of her fascinating voyage on the world stage.

Since that day, her progress in the world of international soccer has taken flight.

Since then, she has been a standout in each of her country’s 20 matches, adding her abilities and two goals to the team’s overall triumph.

She has won a berth on the 23-person team for the coveted FIFA Women’s World Cup in 2023 thanks to the exceptional performances and steadfast dedication that Hinata Miyazawa has displayed throughout her career. The tournament take place in 2023.

Because of this amazing opportunity, she will be able to demonstrate her talent on a global scale and test her abilities against those of the top players from around the world.

Hinata Miyazawa’s two goals in Japan’s 5-0 victory over Zambia in the first round of Group C at the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup were a shining example of one of the tournament’s finest moments, which took place on July 22, 2023.

She was so brilliant that the judges awarded her the coveted title of Player of the Match as a result of the outstanding performance she turned in.

Her extraordinary speed helped her to further solidify her position, and during the competition, she recorded the fastest average pace of all of the competitors.

Hinata Miyazawa’s extraordinary abilities were on full display on July 31, 2023, when she scored two goals for Japan in a highly anticipated match.

With both goals, Japan secured the top place in Group C with a surprising 4-0 victory over Spain, which was a monument to her artistry on the pitch. You May Also Like Lee Da-Hae’s Net Worth, Height, Instagram, Bio, Real Age, Parents, Siblings, Husband, Boyfriend, Contac

Awards and Recognition

2018: Winner of the Award for the Best Young Player Award for Most Valuable Player in the Western European League 2021–2022, 2022–2023

VISA Player of the Match award winner for the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup match played versus Zambia. You May Also Like Uchenna Kanu Net Worth, Salary, Cars, House, Bio, Real Age, Parents, Family, Siblings, State Of Origin, Boyfriend, Husband, contract, Height

Personal and Dating Life

Hinata Miyazawa is a very private person, so when it comes to the attention of the public, she does her best to keep her personal life a secret.

She most likely takes this strategy so that she may keep her focus on her job in football and steer clear of any potential distractions that could arise from disclosing personal information to the general public.

Hinata Miyazawa, who is 23 years old, has disclosed whether she is married to her partner or has a wedded husband. It’s possible that she’s childless and doesn’t have a partner. You May Also Like Michelle Alozie, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Contact, Bio, Real Age, Family, Parents, Siblings, State Of Origin,

Is Hinata On Social Media?

Instagram handle: HINATA (@hinatahonda)
Facebook: Hinata Miyazawa

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