Meet Vivi-Anne Stein; Net Worth, Height, Bio, Age, Wiki, Movies, Dance 2023

August 8, 2023

Meet Vivi-Anne Stein; Net Worth, Height, Bio, Age, Wiki, Movies, Dance 2023

Vivi Anne Stein was born on September 11, 2004, in Guatemala in the United States to the family of Mr. and Mrs. Cathy Mike Stein

She was brought up in the United States of America by her parents, Cathy Stein (owner of the “Candy Apples Dance Center”) and Mike Stein (an insurance adjuster and businessman).

Cathy made sure that Vivi was well-informed before she became a U.S. citizen when she was in elementary school.

When Cathy’s daughter was around a year old, she began training under her mother’s tutelage. Over time, Vivi became interested in tap dancing and eventually joined “The Abby Lee Dance Company.”

Vivi’s main activities outside of school include hanging out with her pals. She frequently visits New York and spends time dancing at her mother’s studio. Either her mother or her dance troupe takes her on trips You May Also Like Meet Akpene Diata Hoggar; Net Worth, Salary, Cars, Houses, Bio, Age, Parents, Siblings, Tribe, Boyfriend, Husband,

Quick Check On Live-Anne Stein

Full Name:
Live-Anne Stein

Net Worth;


Real Age:
19 years 1 month

Date of birth:
September 11, 2004


Lucky number:

Lucky Stone:

Lucky Color:

Best match for marriage:
Taurus, Capricorn

Place of birth:

Father’s Name:
Mike Stein

Mother’s name:



Dancer, actress


Hair Color:

Eye Color:

How old is Vivi-Anne Stein? Bio, Age, Bio, Family, Siblings, Childhood, Ethnicity

Vivi-Anne Stein is a well-known name in the American dance and acting communities. Her most notable accomplishment was participating in the American reality television series Dance Moms’.

She is also a member of the cast for the production of “The Nutcracker” that Candy Apples is putting on. Tap dancer Vivi-Anne Stein first rose to fame while performing with the ‘Abby Lee Dance Company.’

Vivi-Anne Stein can still be seen dancing at her mother’s studio, which is known as “Candy Apples Dance Center,” despite the fact that she is no longer a member of the dance company.

Because she frequently uploads her videos and images to her Instagram account, her followers are able to keep up with the most recent happenings in her life by following her official Instagram profile. You May Also Like Roselyn Ngissah, Net Worth, House, Cars, Bio, Real Age, Husband Boyfriend, Tribe, and Wedding Photos

Why is Vivi-Anne Stein such a well-known name?

is a well-known American actor and dancer. Known for her role in the dance-centered reality television series Dance Moms.

Is Vivi-Anne Stein On Social Media?

Vivi first joined Twitter in 2015, and then YouTube the following year. But in 2016, she gave up her own social media accounts in favor of her mother’s official Instagram page, where she began sharing videos and images.

She may only have one video up on her channel, but she already has more than 3,400 subscribers. Her one and only video, titled “Vivi-Anne Stein has a YouTube channel NOW,” has been seen over 150,000 times.

Since she last used it in February 2016, her Twitter account had amassed over a thousand followers. Vivi has been posting videos and photographs to her Instagram account, which has more than 800 followers, after being virtually absent from social media. You May Also Like Meet Jessica Samko Of Shipping War; Net Worth, Bio, Real Age, Her Two Dogs, Husband, Boyfriend, More

Did you know?

His favorite pet is a dog named Patch

Vivi-Anne is an adopted child. Her parents adopted her from Guatemala.

She’s going to help her mother at Candy Apple when she grows up.

Vivi-Anne’s favorite subject at school is science. His dream is to become a famous doctor and cure people from the raised diseases.

Profession Dancing Career

The ukulele, a guitar-like stringed instrument she plays when she’s not dancing. She spends her free time cooking and playing softball.

Vivi hopes to follow in her mother’s footsteps and become a dance teacher at the studio. She would like to become a doctor if she doesn’t end up pursuing a career in dancing.

Mike Stein, an insurance adjuster, is a father figure to Vivi. The ‘Beef Jerky Store’ he runs is another of his entrepreneurial endeavors.

One episode of ‘Dance Moms’ featured her shop. Erin Stein-Rich, a dance choreographer, is a close family You May Also Like Who is Katie Maskell? Meet Writer Alan Devis Wife; Net Worth, Books, Instagram, Bio, Real Age, Husband, friend of Vivi’s.

How Much Is Vivi-Anne Stein’s Net Worth?

Although Stein has remained tight-lipped about her wealth, we can speculate that she made a good living as a dancer. according the some online report Stein has an estimated $5 million dollars in Net Worth Her family home is where she resides.

Is Vivi-Anne Stein already taken? Marriage, kids, and a husband

The dancer, who is only 12, is quite young. She’s popular and doesn’t worry about romantic commitments just yet.

Way of life

She is very kind but if necessary, she defends her point of view. For example, in Stealing the Show, one of the DM episodes, she said she didn’t like the makeup and the costumes. She didn’t cry or scream but expressed her opinion in a very polite way. You May Also Like Meet Abbie Mae Chapman Net Worth, Salary, Houses, Cars. Height, Bio, Real Age, Career, Husband, Boyfriend, Contact

Anne Stein’s favorite things

Pet: Dog
Subject: Science
Blue color

Hobbies: swimming, cooking and even eating

Vivi-Anne Stein: height, weight, eye color

Stein has brown hair and brown eyes but his height, weight, measurements, etc. are not available. You May Also Like Who Is Criss Angel’s Wife? Meet Shaunyl Benson: Net Worth, Wiki Biography, Real Age, Husband, Instagram,

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