Who Is Laura Lux (DJ)? Net worth, Instagram, Height, Surgery, Bio, Wiki, Age, Career,

August 10, 2023

Who Is Laura Lux (DJ)? Net worth, Instagram, Height, Surgery, Bio, Wiki, Age, Career,

The Birth of a Model and Social Media Personality Famous Australian DJ, Model, and Social Media star Laura Lux was born Ashlee Adams on August 23, 1988, in Adelaide, Australia. She is the sister of Mark Stellar, and she also has a little brother.

Mark Stellar is a businessman and winner of the reality TV show The Big Adventure.
Mark’s wife is Mel, and Laura Lux was super excited about her brother Mark’s wedding and shared his photos from the wedding on her social media. You May Also Like Meet Jessica Samko Of Shipping War; Net Worth, Bio, Real Age, Her Two Dogs, Husband, Boyfriend, More
She did not share information about her parents or education.

Quick Check On Laura Lux

Full Name:
Laura Lux

Real Age:
39 years

Date of birth:
August 23, 1984


Lucky number:

Lucky Stone:

Lucky color:

Best match for marriage:
Taurus, Capricorn

Place of b=Birth:

Marital status:


Social media star, Instagram model


Height / what size? :
5 feet 7 inches (1.70 m)


Hair Color:
Dark Brown

Eye color:

30 inches

Bra size:
36 inches

40 inches

Professional career

Laura Lux started her online career in the last months of 2010. She created her MySpace account.

She also gradually created her Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook accounts and started posting her photos and videos on them.

Her photos on her social media were liked by her fans and she collected a huge number of them. She has a number of Instagram profiles.

Her main account is “darthlux” and on that, she has more than 1.2 million fans.

She also worked as a DJ in 2011. She started with the famous HQ Nightclub in Australia and later played at other clubs in Melbourne and Adelaide. Her popularity grew and she later emigrated to settle in the United States. You May Also Like Roselyn Ngissah, Net Worth, House, Cars, Bio, Real Age, Husband Boyfriend, Tribe, and Wedding Photos

She moved to Los Angeles in the United States and works in gay clubs as a DJ. Laura Lux is a caring and sensitive person who responds quickly to her fans and answers their other questions as well. She loves comments from them and also incorporates them into her videos.

She is an avid gamer and in November 2016 she created her Twitch. tv account and started live streaming popular video games.

She is seen playing first-person shooters, survival horror, and role-playing games. Laura is known for her colorful hair and her gorgeous videos.

Laura is a confident and courageous woman who speaks very clearly on issues such as politics and sexual abuse.

This is How Lux Deal with Miscreants Online?

Laura Lux and her friend Emily Sears were undeterred when the men started sending them unsolicited lewd photos on their social media.

It was in early 2016. Laura and Emily began exposing this evil behavior by revealing the details to the men’s girlfriends.

News of their befitting response reached the Huffington Post and quickly went viral. Speaking about the reaction to their story, Laura Lux said:

“The reactions since the story came out have been varied – I’ve been told I’m doing ‘the lord’s work’ and been called out for every disgusting and demeaning obscenity under the sun.

But for every angry guy who tells us we ask because of the way we dress or accuses us of just wanting attention, there are at least five women who thank us for using our platform to speak out and take a stand against something that happens to so many of us, and that’s what really matters. You May Also Like Antoinette Delali Kemavor’s Net Worth, Cars, House, Height, Bio, Real Age, Parents, Siblings, Boyfriend,  Contact Info, 

Laura Lux Relationship

Laura Lux is unmarried and has no children. In September 2010, she tweeted about a pal whose photo or name she did not disclose.

She had mentioned that he was taking her to dinner but she couldn’t decide where to go.

My boyfriend is taking me to dinner tonight. Where should we go?! Lenzerheide? The top? Windy Point? sosta? Argh can’t decide!

In January 2014, she tweeted about her boyfriend and said she didn’t need him right now.

It’s fucking stupid because a boyfriend doesn’t even come into my life anyway and I don’t really want one but UGH. shut down hormones. You May Also Like Meet Akpene Diata Hoggar; Net Worth, Salary, Cars, Houses, Bio, Age, Parents, Siblings, Tribe, Boyfriend, Husband,

— laura lux (@DarthLux) January 20, 2014

She also said:

“Having a healthy relationship is a bit more complex than ‘just having a boyfriend.'”

Talking about the role of boyfriends in her life, in November 2015 Laura said she needed someone who hugs her and nurtures her but isn’t around at other times.

I just want a boyfriend who will hug me and feed me fries when I’m hungover then leave most other times

— laura lux (@DarthLux) November 23, 2015

In October 2015 she joked about the boyfriend she had:

“me and my new buddy #hauntedhayride

— laura lux (@DarthLux) October 24, 2015. You May Also Like Forbes Nigeria’s Wealthiest Pastors 2023: Richest Pastors In Nigeria, Net Worth, Quotes, Date Of Birth, Cars, and Ministries They Own In 2023

Boyfriend and Dating History

Patrick Farron

Laura Lux is rumored to have dated her friend, Patrick Farron. There’s not much information regarding Patrick Farron or whether the relationship was real or just a rumor.

Jared Padalecki

In 2019, Laura Lux heard another dating rumor about Supernatural actor Jared Padalecki. The two were spotted having time together.

However, neither Laura nor Jared had given confirmation of the rumor. It is unclear whether they were dating or not.

Braeden Key

Laura Lux has been dating Braeden Key since 2020. The couple met through dating apps and decided that they were suited for each other.

There’s not much information about Braeden Key aside from his Instagram. However, the couple was so deeply in love that they decided to move together in 2022.

It seems that Laura Lux is aware of the issues in a relationship and wants healthy products which might be a bit difficult to obtain. She is waiting for her Mr. Right and we wish her the best for that! You May Also Like Who Is Hinata Miyazawa?  How  Rich Is She? Net Worth, Salary, Height, Bio, Real Age, Husband, Boyfriend, Contact, Games

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