Best Casual Restaurants In Paris

August 11, 2023

Best Casual Restaurants In Paris

Fans around the world are curious to know about the best casual restaurants in Paris. In this article, we promise to answer all of the questions you may have about these casual restaurants. Stay with us.

Le Cadoret Restaurant

An exceptionally cool, icy blue retro joint, Le Cadoret rules its corner of Belleville from the first-morning croissant all the way to the last post-dinner digestif.

Chef Léa Fleuriot serves up old-school dishes, sometimes with a twist of herbs, condiments, or spices, like the pot-au-feu made with tender beef and fermented soy paste sauce.

As for Louis-Marie, the man behind the bottles, he uncorks carefully selected natural wines and sakes.

Pantobaguette Restaurant

The five-strong crew who run Pantobaguette know how to both party hard and serve up some delicious grub. In a funky and festive space,

Antonin Girard (who trained at the snug, alfresco eatery Lolo) dishes out crazily good Japanese-inspired plates. We’re talking marinated eggs with wasabi mayo, extra-large mussels with peppers, and even CBD-infused cookies.

To wash it all down, they’ve got a great selection of natural wines in white, orange, and red, plus treats for your ears from the resident DJ.

Double Dragon Restaurnat

In a high-ceilinged room with a domino counter and neon dragon, the Levha sisters, Tatiana and Katia, blend their Filipino roots with global influences in sharp, precise, and unexpected ways.

Try the fried bao filled with Comté cheese and dipped in XO mayo or the South American-infused clams in fiery chipotle and chili broth.

This distinctive, quirky, and endearing location also has an incredibly friendly staff and a soundtrack with a preference for turn-of-the-century hip-hop.

Chocho Restaurant

Thomas Chisholm, who appeared on the French TV cooking competition Top Chef and also worked at A.T., has settled in this elegant restaurant with long communal tables, an open kitchen, and pendant lights.

The French-American chef doesn’t skimp on luxury with his tapas. Marinating, grilling, smoking—the recipes use a variety of techniques and textures without being showy. As a result, you’ll joyfully mop up every last drop.

Ozlem Restaurant

The döner kebab’s honor is restored! At Ozlem, you won’t find frozen fries or sketchy meat.

The team at this Turkish canteen works tirelessly to prepare the ultimate kebab, using a mix of veal and turkey that marinates for hours before being skewered and grilled.

It’s served in a homemade dürüm (wheat wrap) filled with sliced red onions, a touch of sumac, and parsley. Crispy, tender, and perfectly seasoned, this kebab is an absolute killer.

Clown Bar and Restaurant

This august cafe, which was for a long time the canteen of the acrobats of the neighboring Cirque d’Hiver, provides fascinating cuisine that is in keeping with its time, without make-up or jokes that fall flat, under a ceiling of Circassian porcelain as ancient as it is listed.

Jung Yonghoon, a Korean, entertains his audience with a balancing act of miniature dishes.

And at the top of the marquee is one of Paris’ most gorgeous natural wine lists.

Good Adventure Restaurant

The tiled cafe of Alcidia Vulbeau (ex-Frenchie) stands out as a bargain when looking for a decent lunch in the vicinity, within a stone’s throw from the Paul-Bert market.

On flea days, the slate serves up comfort foods like vegetable-stuffed cabbage and plump sausage-mashed potatoes.

Before returning to the flea market, to drown with sulphitophobic Skittles discovered by Mathias Tenret. Tapas that beat are served in the evening. In short, it’s a treat at any time.

Dilia Restaurant

Since 2015, the Tuscan chef Michele Farnesi, who worked for Rino and Heimat, has continued his journey in the quirky room of his small address in Ménilmontant, which is much more osteria than palacio.

A dashing trip where you stroll through the terroirs of Italy in the company of a precise and lively cuisine in an incredibly gentle five-stroke

Venetian-style pasta, opaline mullet and sea urchin Hollandaise sauce, almond cremoso hug… And to accompany these transalpine trances, an Italian wine list!

Lolo Bistrot Restaurant

Loc Minel and Christophe Juville are back with a flatshare vibe in Lolo Bistrot, a London-style restaurant just a few pedals away from their main spot.

Lolo Cave à Manger Around a massive heater and flashy neon sign, tuck into spicy tapas like scotch egg merguez-vermouth, temaki with scallops and horseradish, and agnolotti with wild garlic.

This gastronomy is wild in its inspiration, unyielding in its intentions, and artistic in its plating. And for the wine, trust Lolo to find some bottles you haven’t had yet!

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