Meet Angie Harmon’s Dad? Net Worth, Bio, Age, Daughter, Wife, Height, Instagram,

August 30, 2023

Meet Angie Harmon’s Dad? Net Worth, Bio, Age, Daughter, Wife, Height, Instagram,

Lawrence Paul Harmon, who was born on January 2, 1925, and passed away on July 3, 2008, was better known by his stage name, Bozo the Clown (also known as Larry Harmon or Lawrence Weiss). Lawrence Paul Harmon was born on January 2, 1925. When he was younger, he attempted a career in modeling, and now he is a well-known figure in his own right.

How Much Is Lawrence Harmon’s Net Worth?

According to some online reports, It is estimated that Lawrence Harmon, Angie Harmon’s father, had a net worth of approximately $13 million at the time of his death.

Quick Check On Lawrence Harmon

Full Name:
Lawrence Paul Harmon

Stage Name:
Bozo the Clown

Date of Birth:
January 2, 1925

University of Southern California


Children: Angel
Harmon, Jeff Harmon

Net worth: $13

Daphne Demar (mother of Angie Harmon)

Early Childhood and Education

Lawrence Harmon was born in Toledo, Ohio, on January 2, 1925, however, he spent the majority of his childhood in Cleveland.

After serving as a private in the army during World War II, he went on to complete his medical education upon his return home.

However, after speaking with the famous entertainer AI Jolson, the man decided to instead pursue a career as a doctor of laughing.

According to the autobiography titled The Man Behind the Nose that was written by Harmon, Al Jolson once told him, “Being a doctor of medicine is honorable, but you’ll touch so many more lives as a doctor of laughter!”

At the University of Southern California, where he studied drama and was a member of the Spirit of Troy marching band, Lawrence Harmon earned a bachelor’s degree. You May Also :Like Meet SBU Noah(Singer): Net Worth, Wedding, House, Cars, Bio, Age, Parents, Siblings, Girlfriend, Children, Wife, Pictures,

Professional Career

After responding to an advertisement for actors in the late 1940s, he began his career as Bozo the Clown and went on to make hundreds of performances in the role.

At the tail end of the 1950s, Lawrence Harmon began licensing local Bozo television shows for broadcast in nearly all of the major television markets in the United States as well as in other nations.

Additionally, episodes of animated Bozo cartoons with the intention of being presented alongside a live-action show with Bozo’s voice being used as himself were developed.

In 1996, on New Year’s Day, Lawrence Harmon made his debut appearance as Bozo in the Rose Parade in Pasadena, California. This was the first time he had worn the Bozo costume in ten years.

Igniter Books released his autobiography in 2010 under the title The Man Behind the Nose: Assassins, Astronauts, and Other Stupendous Tales. The book was written by him. You May Also Like Top 20 Richest TikTokers In Nigeria 2023, Net Worth, Salary and Cars

Personal and Dating Life

Lawrence Harmon had four children with four different women, all of whom he married. Angie Harmon, who was born on August 10, 1972, is his daughter. His son Jeff Harmon is a filmmaker.

After being found by David Hasselhoff, Angie Harmon shot to prominence, first as a model and later as an actress in many films and television shows.

As she was growing up, Angie Harmon followed in the footsteps of both of her parents, Lawrence Paul Harmon and Daphne Demar, who had both worked as models in the past. You May Also Like Meet Bandile Masuku (South African Medical Doctor): Bio, Age, Wife, Parents, Siblings, Religion, Nationality, Tribe, Net Worth,

Congestive heart failure was the cause of death in Harmon’s house in Los Angeles, California on July 3, 2008, when he passed away. Mount Sinai Memorial Park Cemetery in the city of Los Angeles is where he was laid to rest.

Harmon Social Media

Harmon has 50 posts, 89 followers, and 290 followers on Instagram (@lawrence_harmon).
He has 299 followers on Twitter (@LawrenceHarmon9). You May Also Like Meet Empresschiii (Nigeria TikTok Star):  Net Worth, Salary, Cars, Height, Instagram, Bio, Real Age, Parents, Siblings,  Tribe, Wedding, Boyfriend, Husband, Child,

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