Moyo Lawal, Net Worth, Bio, Real Age, Husband, Boyfriend, TV Shows,  Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pictures, News, 

September 11, 2023

Moyo Lawal, Net Worth, Bio, Real Age, Husband, Boyfriend, TV Shows,  Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pictures, News, 

Moyo Lawal Listeneni is a Nigerian actress who was born in the town of Badagry, which is located in the state of Lagos. At the Best of Nollywood Awards in 2012, she was recognized as “Revelation of the Year” and given the award for that honor.

Quick Check On Moyo Lawal

Full name: Moyo Lawal

Date of Birth:
January 1st, 1988

Real Age:
35 Years

State of Origin:

Tajudeen Lawal



Net worth

Early Childhood and Education

Lawal was educated in Nigeria from the primary level all the way up to the university level. He was born in the town of Badagry. She attended the University of Lagos and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Creative Arts there.

She explained that having children was too much work for her, so she chose not to have any. You May Also Like Who is Sofia Bevarly? Bio, Age, Family, Education, Career, Dating, Boyfriend, Husband, Net Worth, Social Media, Instagram,

Professional Career

Lawal’s close friend urged her to pursue a career in acting while she was still in school by persuading her to participate in a number of small-scale theatrical performances.

She tried out for the Nigerian television reality show Next Movie Star but was finally rejected.

In the television series Shallow Waters, Lawal had her debut appearance in a position that required her to perform professionally. In the show, she was cast in the role of Chioma.

Lawal’s career took off after landing a role in the Emmy-winning television series Tinsel, where she played the well-known character Chinny. Lawal’s career flourished after that to a larger extent than it had previously. You May Also Like Meet Angie Harmon’s Dad? Net Worth, Bio, Age, Daughter, Wife, Height, Instagram,


Millenium Parent
Desperate Baby Mama
Parents’ Guard
The Bridal Shower
Big Girls on Campus
Cloud of pain
Holding Hope
A Time to Heal
A Toast to Heartbreak
Never Love a Prince
Thanks for coming.
Judas Game
Emem and Angie
Madam’s PA
Tangled Web

TV Shows

Lawal has participated in a number of Nigerian television shows over the years, including the following:

Binta and Friends,
Jenifa’s Diary,
Super Story,
Edge of Paradise,
Shallow Waters
Eldorado, and the award-winning TV series;
Binta and Friends,
Jenifa’s Diary,

Political activismActivism

Lawal, who was a victim of an unsuccessful attempt at armed robbery that occurred in Lagos, Nigeria, on the third mainland bridge, has raised awareness of the issue by describing her ordeal and suggested strategies to curtail instances as such in order to prevent a reoccurrence.

She went on to explain that raising awareness was the only way to solve the problem, because after she recounted her incident, numerous other individuals reached out to her to tell her about similar ordeals they had encountered on the same route, and she too was a victim of her sex tape being revealed to the public. She was also a victim of her sex film being leaked to the public. You May Also Like JustKing Phoebe Odekina Net Worth, Bio, Real Name, Age, Parents, Siblings, Tribe, Boyfriend, Husband, TikTok, Leaked Video

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