Who Is Kizz Daniel Bouncer (Bodyguard): Bio, Age, Real Name, Music, Career, Girlfriend, Instagram, TikTok, Net worth, Contact Number,

November 7, 2023

Who Is Kizz Daniel Bouncer (Bodyguard): Bio, Age, Real Name, Music, Career, Girlfriend, Instagram, TikTok, Net worth, Contact Number,

About Kelvin Power

Kelvin Atobiloye, aka Kelvin Power, is a well-known Nigerian celebrity bouncer, bodyguard, bodybuilder, fitness teacher, and social media influencer.

He rose to prominence in October 2023 after videos of him and his boss, Kizz Daniel, acting as the singer’s official bodyguards went viral. In this biography, we will look at the life of famed Nigerian bouncer Kelvin Power. Continue reading for more post content.

Early Childhood and Education

Kelvin Power’s early life is unknown because he only recently broke into the celebrity sphere.

According to sources, he was born in the 1970s and is from Ekiti State in Western Nigeria. His education is also unknown; additional information will be published as it becomes available.


Kelvin Power began working out and getting in shape in the early 2010s, but it wasn’t until 2023 that he became known throughout Nigeria as the country’s first celebrity bouncer.

The title of “strongest man in Africa” or “strongest man in Nigeria” is frequently applied to him. Kelvin Power is not only the head of security at Flyboy Inc., but he is also Kizz Daniel’s official bodyguard.

The films of him protecting Kizz Daniel while Kizz Daniel’s song “My G” played in the background became popular on social media, which brought the fitness teacher to fame as well as a bigger audience and notoriety, turning him into a celebrity bouncer. He rose to prominence after footage of him protecting Kizz Daniel went viral on social media.

That didn’t end there, as the video also made Kizz Daniel’s song “My G” trend more and get more streams. The video also sparked a TikTok challenge called the “Kelvin Power Challenge” or “Bouncer Challenge,” where popular content creators and other everyday TikTok users create videos imitating Kelvin Power bodyguarding Kizz Daniel and adding a little bit of comedy to it, making it funnier.

Popular celebrities like Cute Abiola and many other content creators joined the trend. Even Comedian Sabinus requested a fight between him and Kelvin Power, suggesting that he could beat Kelvin Power to a pup (in a humorous way, though). 

So as of now, Kelvin Power is a fitness instructor (both online and offline), a celebrity bouncer, and a social media influencer. We wish him more heights beyond the shores of Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

How Much is Kevin Power’s Net Worth?

 Kevin Power has an estimated net worth of about $100k–$200k. He makes his money off of payments as a fitness instructor and bouncer.

He also makes his money from his ambassador/modeling gigs and social media handle monetization.

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Social Media

Kevin Power’s Instagram handle is @officialkelvinpower. 


The Kelvin Power Bouncer Challenge is a Tik Tok trend and challenge where people imitate Kelvin Power as a bodyguard for Kizz Daniel. Imitating his walks, muscles, and flexes It became a viral challenge in October 2023 on Tik Tok. 

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Physical Status

According to https://teevlog.com/ Bodybuilder Kelvin Power is 6.0 feet tall and weighs about 320kg (705 lbs), and he is  Kelvin Power is Kizz Daniel’s official bodyguard. 


Kelvin Power is undeniably pleased with himself after progressing from a social media fitness teacher with a tiny number of followers to a celebrity bouncer. More oil to sink into his muscles!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Kelvin Power State of Origin? 

 Kelvin Power hails from Ekiti State, Western Nigeria. 

Who is Kelvin Power? 

Kelvin Power is a fitness instructor, celebrity bouncer for Kizz Daniel, and social media influencer. 

Kelvin Power, real name? 

 Kelvin Power’s real name is Kelvin Atobiloye.

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