Meet Murja Ibrahim Kunya: Net Worth, Bio, Age, Dead or Alive? Marriage Arrangement, Photos, Wiki, News, Instagram

December 18, 2023

Meet Murja Ibrahim Kunya: Net Worth, Bio, Age, Dead or Alive? Marriage Arrangement, Photos, Wiki, News, Instagram

About  Ibrahim Kunya

Murja Ibrahim Kunya, also known as Murja Kunya, is a Nigerian lady of 24 years old. She gained to prominence on TikTok for being especially outspoken in Hausa, which many of her Hausa-speaking northern Nigerian audience found hilarious and entertaining.

As her TikTok following grew to over one million followers, she began creating comedic sketches and acting in short music videos alongside another artist, Mr. 442.

Quick Check on Murja Kunya

Net worth:$30,000
Full name:Murja Ibrahim Kunya
Stage Name:Murja Kunya
Real age:24year
Date of Birth:January 18, 1999
Place of birth:Kano
State of birth:Kano State
Language Spoken:Hausa language and English
Occupation:TikTok/ Influencer
 Instagram: (@real__murjaibrahim)
Jailed:January 29, 2023

Murja Kunya’s Net  Worth

Murja Ibrahim Kunya’s net worth is believed to be $30,000.

Latest News

Nonetheless, in September 2022, a Sharia Court in Kano requested that Murja and other TikTokers be imprisoned and probed in response to accusations from a group of Islamic clerics for “corrupting the morals of society.”

Among those in the gang were Mr. 442, Safara’u, Dan Maraya, Amude Booth, Kawu Dan Sarki, Ado Gwanja, Ummi Shakira, Samha Inuwa, and Babiana. Kunya was apprehended on January 29, 2023, while booking rooms for her pals before her birthday celebration at Kano’s Tahir Hotel.

Murja Kunya was accused of using foul language and engaging in inappropriate behavior on TikTok. Murja admitted to being confrontational and opinionated on social media, but she blamed some of her purported outbursts on uncontrollable emotions.

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She apologized to the police for her imprisonment and pledged to quit her “immoral actions” and not set a “negative example” to others, especially young people. This was said while she was speaking with the cops.

Furthermore, she advised other social media users not to irritate her and to stop casting doubt on her character.

Murja also stated that she replicated immoral songs because well-known singers such as Ado Gwanja asked her to do so to promote their songs on social media. She went on to explain that musicians like Ado Gwanja had made similar demands.

In response to her recent arrest, the individual expressed regret and committed to refrain from engaging in “immoral actions” in the future to provide a good example for others, particularly young people. She explicitly emphasized that she did not want to set a bad example for people her age.

She also made an urgent request to anyone who used the same social media site as her to avoid causing confrontations with her and false allegations against her.

The TikTok influencer also acknowledged feeling bad about her behavior before her arrest. This was due in part to the recent death of her colleague, Kano’s Kamal Aboki, which served as an added impetus for her to modify her ways.

According to the individual, she has been reflecting on her behavior since her friend Kamal Aboki’s death and has made a concerted effort to stop verbally criticizing others.

She said many of her videos feature dances, but she denied encouraging people to imitate her routines and apologized for any harm her previous actions may have caused.

Following that, the Kano Commissioner of Police ordered that she undergo a psychological evaluation before any further investigations could be carried out.

Her imprisonment sparked controversy on social media, particularly on TikTok, Twitter, and Facebook, with some advocating her immediate release under the hashtag #FreeMurjaKunya. In contrast, others insisted she face consequences for her earlier behavior.

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Five Facts  about Murja  Kunya:

  • She was arrested on January 29, 2023, at the Tahir Hotel in Kano for using vulgar language and engaging in indecent behavior on social media.
  • Following her arrest, she expressed regret over her actions and pledged to avoid being a negative example to others, especially young people.
  • Some social media users have rallied around her under the hashtag #FreeMurjaKunya.
  • She is a 24-year-old TikTok influencer from Kano State, Nigeria.
  • She gained fame on TikTok for her funny and outspoken videos in the Hausa language, which garnered her a following of over one million people.

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Contact details for Murja Ibrahim Kunya

Murja Ibrahim Kunya’s phone number is not available, however, you can get it by following her on TikTok or Facebook.

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