Pastor Mukhuba, Net Worth, Bio, Age, Husband, Daughter, Spiritual Father, Church, Scandal, YouTube, Contact Details, House, Cars,

December 25, 2023

Pastor Mukhuba, Net Worth, Bio, Age, Husband, Daughter, Spiritual Father, Church, Scandal, YouTube, Contact Details, House, Cars,

About Pastor  Mpfariseni Mukhuba

Pastor Mukhuba is the South African pastor, gospel singer, Unity Fellowship Church’s founder and general overseer. at 2004, the church had its first service at a Tiakeni Primary School classroom in Soweto, Johannesburg.

As God continued to bring individuals to the church, the church quickly filled up, with more people than the classroom could hold.

They relocated to an empty store in March 2005. The grocery store church grew and eventually reached around 500 members.

Quick Check on Pastor Mukhuba

Full name: Pastor Mpfariseni Mukhuba

Date of birth: Updated

Pastor Mukhuba Age:  Updated

Marital status: married

Husband: Dr. Theophilus Mukhuba

Nationality: South African

Occupation: Pastor, clinical psychologist

Church: Unity Fellowship Church

Instagram: (@pastormukhuba)

YouTube: Pastor Mukhuba

Pastor Mukhuba Age

The outspoken Christian pastor comes from South Africa’s Venda province. She hasn’t revealed anything about her childhood. Her precise age is unknown.

Upbringing in Venda

In a post created by Pastor Mukhuba for the 2020 heritage celebrations, the charismatic pastor was born in South Africa’s Venda Province. She grew up there as well, studying Venda cultural events frequently.

Pastor Mukhuba Church

The powerful woman of God was ordained in 2003, and she established the Unity Fellowship Church in Soweto in 2004.

She opened a branch in Cape Town in 2015 and built another large church in Johannesburg on 100 hectares of land.

The Unity Broadcasting Network (UBN) is the church’s own television channel.

Today, you can watch Pastor Mukhuba live on the channel, as well as all other Unity Fellowship church events.

Followers can also view live streams and uploaded videos on the Pastor Mukhuba YouTube channel.

Gospel Musician

The leader of Unity Fellowship Church sings well. She is a gospel singer and the author of the CD Time of Worship. At her church, Pastor Mukhuba’s songs are frequently sung during praise and worship services.

Pastor Mukhuba is a powerful and well-known woman. She has gained a lot of admirers and detractors thanks to her personality. The most recent arrests at Unity Fellowship Church also served as evidence that nobody is above the law.

Personal and dating life

Pastor Mukhuba and her husband, Dr. Mukhuba, are happily married. Dr. Mukhuba is a South African academic at North West University.

She mentioned how supportive her partner was in a previous interview. Three children are a blessing for the couple.

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Unity Church Leadership

The woman of God moved from grace to grace after receiving her pastorate in 2003. She began her ministry with a small group of followers in a classroom and has now grown to a church that can accommodate over 5,000 people at once.

She has consistently demonstrated that women are capable of being excellent shepherds.

Pastor Mukhuba Arrested and Video Controversy.

The Johannesburg Metro Police Department detained the head of the Unity Fellowship church on February 28, 2021.

This came after metro police officers came to the church during the Sunday service after the residents in the Midway area complained about the noise.

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Congregants replied by causing damage to JMPD cars and wounding two officers, who were taken to the hospital. The officers were overwhelmed and had to request assistance.

Pastor Mukhuba and some of her disciples were detained. They were charged with assault, public violence, malicious property damage, and violating the Disaster Management Act to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Netizens have expressed conflicting feelings about Pastor Mukhuba’s death wish for police personnel following his detention. She cursed them to perish one by one, along with their families.

Pastor Mukhuba’s Pictures and Facts

Pastor Mukhuba is a public figure in South Africa and beyond. How well do you know her away from the pulpit? Here are a few facts and pictures of the woman of God.

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