Top 10 Facts About  Late Lt.-Col. Ali, Commander of Troops Slain in Delta

Late Lt - Col  A.H Ali, (Commander of Troops Slain in Delta): Biography, Age, Family, Wife, Education, Children, Death
March 29, 2024

  1. Dedicated Service: 

Lt.-Col. Ali dedicated his life to the service of his nation, Nigeria, as the Commander of Troops stationed in Delta state.

  1. Military Background:

 Coming from a family with a tradition of military service, Ali exemplified commitment and valor throughout his career.

  1. Tragic Loss:

Ali, along with two majors, one captain, and 12 soldiers, tragically lost their lives in an attack in Okuama, Ughelli South Local Government Area of Delta State.

  1. Community Impact: 

His untimely death sent shockwaves through the community, leaving behind a profound sense of grief among colleagues, friends, and family.

  1. Family Sacrifice:

 Ali’s widow, in her grief, expressed her resolve that none of her children would follow in their father’s footsteps to join the military, a poignant testament to the sacrifices made by military families.

  1. Service Record:

As a commanding officer, Ali was known for his leadership, integrity, and dedication to the welfare of his troops.

  1. Calls for Justice: 

Following the tragic incident, Nigerians demanded a thorough investigation into the attack, urging authorities to bring the perpetrators to justice and restore peace to the region.

  1. Tributes and Condolences: 

Ali was remembered fondly by his comrades, friends, and superiors, who paid tribute to his bravery and service to the nation.

  1. Legacy of Sacrifice: 

His death serves as a reminder of the risks and sacrifices made by military personnel in the line of duty, highlighting the challenges faced in maintaining peace and security in troubled regions.

  1. Honoring His Memory: 

The memory of Late Lt.-Col. Ali continues to live on in the hearts and minds of those who knew him, serving as an inspiration for future generations of servicemen and women.

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