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June 7, 2024

Early Life and Education

Andrew Amaechi Ochekwo was born in 1973 to a very poor family in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria. From a young age, he showed promise and attended a federal government college. His life took a significant turn when he was adopted and taken to the United Kingdom.

Career Beginnings

In the UK, Andrew pursued a career in gas engineering, graduating in 1989. He quickly established himself in the field, founding a gas company that maintained over 80% of council gas facilities, including schools, with a fleet of over 15 vans. His business flourished, growing into a multimillion-dollar company where even the least paid employee received $50,000 annually.

Personal Struggles and Legal Issues

Despite his professional success, Andrew struggled with personal issues, particularly in managing relationships with women. These issues eventually led to a three-month prison sentence. Upon his release, Andrew faced further challenges as he lost his business, leading to severe mental health problems.

Criminal Activities and Legal Troubles

In 2019, Andrew committed another crime in the UK and was declared wanted by Thames Valley Police, according to a report by BuckinghamshireLive in March 2023.

Return to Nigeria

In 2021, Andrew returned to Nigeria and moved to Port Harcourt. There, he set up a betting business that quickly became lucrative, making him millions of naira. However, his return also marked the beginning of a series of crimes against women.

Notorious Crimes

In January 2024, Andrew threw a girl from his balcony, resulting in a three-week prison sentence. Released from prison, he continued his criminal activities. By April 2024, he was involved in the disappearance of two young women, Celine Ndudim and Afiba Tandoh.


Andrew’s life came to a tragic end in June 2024. His story, marked by both remarkable success and horrific crimes, remains a cautionary tale of how personal demons can overshadow professional achievements.


The life of Andrew Amaechi Ochekwo is a complex and tragic tale of a man who rose from humble beginnings to achieve professional success, only to be undone by personal struggles and criminal behavior. His journey from a poor family in Port Harcourt to a successful gas engineer in the UK showcases his potential and ambition. However, his inability to manage personal relationships and subsequent legal troubles led to a series of events that culminated in a life of crime.

Andrew’s return to Nigeria marked a dark chapter in his life, characterized by violent and criminal acts that overshadowed his earlier achievements. His involvement in the disappearances and likely deaths of Celine Ndudim and Afiba Tandoh added a grim note to his story, ultimately leading to his demise in June 2024.

Andrew’s story serves as a stark reminder of how unresolved personal issues can derail even the most successful careers, turning potential into tragedy. It highlights the importance of addressing mental health and personal problems before they escalate into actions that harm others and destroy lives.

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